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 International Wire & Strand Supplies
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We supply 5m/m & 7m/m wire and 9.3, 12.5, 12.9 and 15.7m/m strand to clients in the uk mainly in the  construction industry

Steven and Emma Street would be pleased to discuss your current requirements please call 07768028236 or call our office on 00441159328370

With our expertise and success we can extol the benefits of using ECI (Europe) to research wire producers in Europe for supplies to your company ensuring

  1. Best Possible competitive prices
  2. Expert quality and control gained from over 45 years in the business
  3. An instant Back up supply in case of sole supplier breakdown.
  4. A need for second supply other than  one producer  with increased competition
  5. To keep the Competition interested for the next contract
  6. For ECI (EUROPE) to work on research and negotiation with other worldwide suppliers of pc wire and strand.     
  7.   Optimal Logistic supply 
  8.  Correct specification ensured through our technology support unit factory visits
  9. Continued supply for current year
  10. first class 24 hour customer support in th UK

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We are researching not only Europe but The World for the best wire and strand products, with the understanding that we are committed to providing the best service, price and product available to you in the current Marketplace and if successful will be rewarded with more substantial orders.


Test Sheets supplied will be  reaching factories before delivery due to our improved segregation policy.

BS 5896 and CARES and ISO 9001:2008 approved 


 9.3 12.5 12.9 & 15.7 super Strand always in stock in our Warehouse

Also 5m/m and 7m/m chevron indented wire always in stock 

we can supply from 2 tons to 2,000 tons via our purpose designed haulier

If the above points meet with your approval then contact us, or should you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact.



Unit 1 Ladywood Farm

 Ladywood Road,

Dale Abbey, Ilkeston


 DE7 4PT